Party Etiquette


All American Sweethearts Sexy St. Louis Strippers work their booties off for your tips! As with any exotic dance company tipping is expected and our girls work for tips, so it is helpful if you remind your guest to bring between $40-$150 dollars each, your generous appreciation will be rewarded! It is also nice to have change on hand for your guests when possible. The “Show Fee” is separate from your tips and will be collected upon arrival in cash discreetly. It is sometimes helpful to pay a deposit on your show fee when booking to guarantee your party; we accept PayPal, personal checks, and money orders for deposits only.

Pictures / Video:

Pictures and videos are at the sole discretion of your All American Sweethearts St. Louis Stripper. Usually we allow pictures while we are fully clothed as long as they are not distributed or posted on any websites. Some girls will allow a couple topless photos as long as they also receive copies of them. Your discretion is assured and we ask the same in return. Videos are discouraged.


If you are respectful and your crowd is tipping our All American Sweethearts Sexy St. Louis Strippers enjoy your GENTLE touch. Most St. Louis Strippers will even place your hands on them if they feel that you are being too shy. Please ask first before touching if you are unsure, this will show your Sexy St. Louis Stripper respect and the result might astonish you!


All American Sweethearts Sexy St. Louis Strippers need no more than a sturdy chair with no sides, and a clean surface to dance on. If your party is in a room with no flooring please provide a rug or some clean blankets so that our girls can get down and dirty with you on the ground. Also please provide your own sound system and music if possible, this allows you to choose songs for your group’s enjoyment. It is ideal if you can provide a bedroom or two for our sensual private dances on a bed, otherwise a chair in a private area will also work.


The safety and security of our All American Sweethearts Sexy St. Louis Strippers is of the utmost importance. It is helpful if you designate a person or two to help ensure that your St. Louis Strippers feel safe, someone who can take charge if one of your guests gets out of line. Although we may not always bring security we do check in at specific times and there is a safety policy in place to ensure our well-being at all times.